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29 – Will Scecina: Addressing Mental Health

My guest today is Will Scecina.  This is his second appearance on the show, but this time we’re talking about more serious issues.  He told me a story of something he went through while on tour and this impacted me.  I asked him to have this conversation with me so we could bring to light things that may not often get talked about.  Mental health is important to everyone, but musicians may be more exposed to unhealthy situations, especially on tour.  Let’s dive deeper.

Will has written a song that deals with this particular subject.  It will appear on an upcoming album, but for now you can download it below, and watch the video on his YouTube channel.  Listen to the end of the episode for the world premiere of this song.

Pull Me Through


Joe Bonamassa – Keeping the Blues Alive




27 – Brandon Williams: Let Music Be The Cure – COVID Checkup

Special edition episode! I’m excited to have Brandon Williams on today’s show. He is a gifted entertainer here in Tampa Bay and has now started the “Let Music Be The Cure” initiative. He’s partnered up with Project Mar to raise money to help support local musicians in need. Together they are running a T-shirt drive and hosting a telethon this coming Friday, May 1 at 8pm EST.

Purchase a shirt and donate:

Apply for aid:




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20 – Willy Colon: Living the Dream

Willy Colon is an incredibly talented guitarist and a phenomenal entertainer. He’s well known in the local scene but he’s also played with national and international acts such as Coast City, Blanca, Yandel, and most recently, Luis Fonsi. We talk about how he’s living the dream that he’s had since he was a young musician. He also reveals how anxiety has crept into his life and how he’s learned to cope and recover from it. We also talk about how he’s looking ahead to developing new artists, starting with Casey Conroy.


2 – Will Scecina: Deciding to be available

Will Scecina is a working musician in Florida. Recently he’s been the touring guitarist for rising star, Mandy Harvey.

In this episode Will talks to me about how he got started playing, why he left NYC, and part of his life while on tour.  He says he’s had two pivotal moments in his career; the decision to go full time, and the decision to not be stuck in one role. When he’s been honest with what he wants in life, the universe has responded in kind.

You can find Will and his band, Anyan Dévery, on Instagram and their websites.

Will:  @willthomasmusicfl

Anyan Dévery:  @anyandeveryband

Mandy Harvey:

This episode was recorded in June of 2017, so stay tuned for more conversations with Will.