Monthly Archives: March 2020

22 – Samantha Leigh: Overcoming Insecurities

Samantha Leigh is an accomplished entertainer. She’s performed on grand stages around the country, indeed around the world. After having performed with, and opened for, big name artists she is now focusing on expressing herself through her own songs.  To become a songwriter she’s had to overcome her own insecurities about it.  That’s what we talk about here.

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21 – Dan Navarro: Definition of Greatness

Dan Navarro is a virtuosic bassist in Tampa Bay. In fact, he is my personal favorite bass player around. We talk about his musical upbringing and how he had such a high pedigree from a young age. When he discovered Geddy Lee he knew he’d caught the bass guitar bug. Once he started playing in the Tampa scene, word of mouth helped to propel him to the top tier gigs and he’s cemented his reputation as a consummate professional.


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20 – Willy Colon: Living the Dream

Willy Colon is an incredibly talented guitarist and a phenomenal entertainer. He’s well known in the local scene but he’s also played with national and international acts such as Coast City, Blanca, Yandel, and most recently, Luis Fonsi. We talk about how he’s living the dream that he’s had since he was a young musician. He also reveals how anxiety has crept into his life and how he’s learned to cope and recover from it. We also talk about how he’s looking ahead to developing new artists, starting with Casey Conroy.